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Why TIM?

TIM is a research-based approach, developed and supported by experts

As a recurring monthly subscription plan, TIM is easy to implement and reduces administration and logistical burdens.

Everyone Benefits from TIM

The TIM team enters each community partnership with quality as a priority. Our goal is to support and help manage incontinence care and improve the quality of life for all residents, families, caregivers, directors and support staff. Key benefits of the program are: 

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TIM is a month-to-month program – no contract and it can be changed or cancelled anytime.

Corporate and Community Partners

  • Cost control

  • Manages sourcing & logistics

  • Key part of an infection control plan, reduce risk of incidents

  • Consistent care improves outcomes and morale

  • Staff certification in incontinence care (TIM)


  • On-demand expert support

  • Live and virtual customized training

  • Certification creates confidence

  • Less time needed for cleaning and care

Residents and Families

  • Reduced risk of health complications

  • Convenient, reliable & cost-effective

  • Improved sleep, less agitation

  • Improved quality of life


The Impact is Proven

An evaluation of 508 TIM Program Residents

*3-month assessment period

TIM Impact Charts.png

~400 Caregivers Surveyed

Composite average rating on Likert scale 1-5: 1–strongly disagree to 5–strongly agree


Better resident mood (4.62)

Better mobility (4.48)

Odor reduction (4.66)

Leak reduction (4.65)

Improved skin health (4.67)

Better sleep (4.72)

Interested in becoming a partner?

We are ready to help improve the quality of life at your community. TIM is an incontinence management solution that works.

The pandemic has made me realize that infection control is the single most important aspect of keeping our community happy and healthy. And quality cannot be compromised. TIM is a "common sense" good decision. 

Director of Nursing at Assisted Living Community

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