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Training and Education

Helping our partners' caregivers provide better care.

An effective incontinence program is reliant on a caregivers’ ability to help manage the care.

Elevating the Standard of Care

We offer our partner communities incontinence assessment tools and caregiver education. Caregivers learn how to assess a resident’s level of incontinence and customize the TIM program to best serve the resident. The Certification program trains caregivers on proper incontinence management, helping reduce risk of incidents, such as skin damage, bladder issues, sleep fragmentation and falls.

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Benefits of Incontinence Education

  • Helps reduce the risk of incidents – UTI’s, falls and skin rashes.

  • Less time needed for cleaning and care.

  • Certification gives you the knowledge and confidence to provide better care.

  • Consistent delivery, residents never run out of products.

On-Demand Support

Our TIM Care Specialists continue to support the program.

  • Scheduled follow-ups.

  • Available via phone or email.

  • Dedicated web portal.

TIM Caregiver Certification

The TIM Certification program was created by incontinence experts and is available to partner communities. Through a series of videos and an assessment quiz, caregivers learn how to use the TIM program to provide proper incontinence care. The course is self-paced and easily fits into any caregiver's schedule.

Not a partner? Contact us to learn more about the TIM Program.

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