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High-Quality, Clinical Grade Products

We deliver peace of mind and a better quality of life.

TIM products provide maximum protection, giving residents the confidence to be active and enjoy life.

TIM Superior Absorbency Products

Superior Comfort and Performance

TIM provides quality products with high absorbency and wicking properties to reduce leaks and odors, curtail wetness and keep the skin dry to minimize skin damage. Both absorbency and softness of products promote comfort and prevent unnecessary changes – especially at night, resulting in residents getting better sleep.

Premium Products

High Absorbency Products

Brief & Pullon Sm.jpg

Disposable Tape-Tab Briefs

Ultra absorbent inner layer traps fluid and odor for drier and healthier skin with readjustable tabs for custom fit.

Disposable Pull-Ons

Silky soft comfort and high absorbency with leak-free leg cuffs and tear-away sides for easy removal.

Added Protection

TIM Booster Insert+Underpad

Insert Pads

Thermal bonded thin core for reduced bulk, with ultra soft texture for silky feel and faster absorption.


Quilted top sheet wicks fluid away from the body and absorbent inner material provides maximum containment.

Skin Health & Hygiene

Skin Health Products.jpg

Adult Wipes

Oversized, premium quality wipes, contain Aloe Vera and chamomile.

Wash and Cream

Antibacterial wash, pH balanced and antibacterial cream with Aloe Vera and Vitamins A, D & E.

TIM's Personalized Assessment

health complications.jpg

TIM experts assist communities in finding the correct plan for each resident by providing a proprietary assessment form and sizing guide. These tools help personalize the program based on the individual's incontinence needs. The TIM Program includes four levels: Active, Light, Standard and Plus.

Key factors to ensure success include:

  • The resident’s activity level and mobility.

  • Body size and proper fit for comfort and performance.

  • Correct product mix for the level of incontinence.

  • Appropriate absorbency levels.

Sign up a resident to have access to the assessment tool

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