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Why Care About Incontinence

Incontinence is the partial or full loss of bladder or bowel control and may affect as many as 50% of senior adults. Incontinence is a condition with various potential causes. The symptoms may be gradual and progress from very mild to more debilitating and severe over several years.


Urinary incontinence is one of the most common conditions among senior living residents, and you should know:


  • Incontinence can create physical dependencies and increase health risks, including falls, skin problems and urinary tract infections (UTI).

  • UTIs are the most common type of bacterial infection in older adults and account for 23% of hospitalizations, second only to pneumonia.

  • Lesser quality, lower absorbent incontinence products lead to prolonged exposure to wetness, resulting in skin breakdown, infections and ulcerations.

  • Incontinence can impact a persons sense of dignity and emotional well-being –  leakage and odor can lead to anger, depression and low self-esteem.

TIM is Personalized to the Individual

If needed, TIM specialists can provide an assessment to determine an individual's incontinence level and proper care protocols. Our proprietary assessment tools and sizing guide create a personalize program based on your loved one’s needs.

TIM assessments consider key factors to ensure proper fit and function:

Activity level and mobility

Body size and proper fit for comfort and performance

Correct product mix for the type of incontinence

Proper absorbency levels

Superior Comfort and Performance

TIM products include high absorbency and wicking properties to reduce leaks and odors, curtail wetness and keep the skin dry to minimize skin damage. Both absorbency and softness of products promote comfort and prevent unnecessary changes – especially at night, resulting in your loved one getting better sleep.

High Absorbency Products

Brief & Pullon Sm.jpg

Disposable Tape-Tab Briefs

Ultra absorbent inner layer traps fluid and odor for drier and healthier skin with readjustable tabs for custom fit.

Disposable Pull-Ons

Silky soft comfort and high absorbency with leak-free leg cuffs and tear-away sides for easy removal.

Added Protection

TIM Booster Insert+Underpad

Insert Boosters

Thermal bonded thin core for reduced bulk, with ultra soft texture for silky feel and faster absorption.

Bed Underpads

Quilted top sheet wicks fluid away from the body and absorbent inner material provides maximum containment.

Skin Health & Hygiene

Skin Health Products.jpg

Adult Wipes

Oversized, premium quality wipes, contain Aloe Vera and chamomile.

Wash and Cream

Antibacterial wash, pH balanced and antibacterial cream with Aloe Vera and Vitamins A, D & E.

How TIM Works

Consistent Efficiencies Graphic.png

Enroll and complete TIM assessment with your community caregivers

Support:Educate Graphic.png

On-demand support and
in-service training provided by TIM Care Specialists

Quality Delivered Graphic.png

High quality products delivered twice a month directly to the resident

Change or cancel anytime – no contract! TIM is a month-to-month program.

Ready to Sign Up for TIM?

Whether you know what plan you need, or you need a trained caregiver to perform an assessment, the TIM team is ready to help. TIM gives control and peace of mind back to your loved one.

The TIM Program changed my life. I now feel confident to be active during the day and I go to bed knowing I will not have issues during the night. Thank you TIM!

Resident at Senior Care Community

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