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Safeguarding Professionals with Quality PPE

With more than 45 years of experience in the adult incontinence and personal care industries, Secure Personal Care has expanded to offer an entire line personal protective equipment (PPE). Secure provides PPE to more than 500 assisted living, skilled nursing, medical facilities and municipalities. Customers trust Secure to reliably deliver quality products when needed – keeping communities safe and healthy.

Top Selling Products

Secure Gowns 1.jpg

Gowns (Pack of 100)

Secure PPE isolation gowns are soft, light and breathable. They are and easy to put on and take off.


3-Ply Procedural Mask

3-Ply Masks (Bag or Case)

3-Ply masks have a fluid-resistant layer and filtration barrier to ensure ultimate protection.


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Face Shields (Pack of 10)

Made of transparent, recyclable Polyethylene and offer optically clear and anti-fog full face protection.


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